Credit Recovery

School Division: Regina Catholic Schools
Topic: Credit Recovery
Description: The project consisted of taking a model for assignment recovery already employed in two schools targeting high risk students and revise to become a system wide practice to support struggling students. This meant revisiting “traditional” grading practices that were punitive for late or missed assignments/exams and which offered little hope for recovery or success for a struggling student. A common system of beliefs and guidelines around assessments was developed and a plan to support students with missed assignments/tests through regularly scheduled “Recovery Days” which allowed students “opportunities for assignment recovery” or and “oar” to steer them back on track towards credit achievement. The result of that work is that teachers are committed to providing quality, balanced assessments and opportunity for recovery and make- up while students are expected to complete all assessments even if they were submitted past the teacher assigned due date. It is an expectation that late assessments be handed in as soon as a possible. If after 5 instructional days an assignment is not submitted, students will have a further opportunity to complete the work on one of the school designated and organized “Opportunity for Assignment Recovery Days” or “Catch-Up Days”. These opportunities are set up outside of instructional time on non-contact days. Two full days each semester with additional opportunities (lunch/study hours/after school) will be provided for students to work on assessments under the supervision of a designated staff member and with the support of parents and commitment of the classroom teacher to grade the work. If at the end of this time period a student still has not completed the assessment, they are encouraged to complete all major assessment prior to the end of the semester. Work submitted after the designated catch up/recovery day will be filed by the teacher to be considered if necessary to determine whether a student has met the curricular outcomes.
Associated files: RCSD PromisingPracticesDataCollect Student Recovery DaysRCSD Learning On-line Credit Recovery and Regina Catholic Schools Assessment Recovery Opportunities

School Division: Lloydminster Public School Division
Topic: Credit Recovery
Description: Relearn/Reassess Procedure and Policy that gives all students a sense of hope to demonstrate their academic best. The policy is general for all teachers to use, however, each course/teacher/student will have the flexibility to make it contextual to their needs (with administration approval).
Associated Files: LCHS Science Relearn SAMPLELCHS Math Relearn SAMPLELCHS Humanities Relearn SAMPLEAligning LCHS Relearn,  Students Relearn_ReassessRelearn Reassess at LCHS (LATEST),  Relearn_Reassess ImplementationRelearn_Reassess for Staff and  PromisingPracticesDataCollect – BOUCK (1)