Early Identification and Intervention Processes

School Division: Lloydminster Public School Division
Topic: Early identification and intervention processes
Description: The desired outcome is to provide students with another level of support that is built in their school day. The goal is to see the following improvements in the follow areas:

  • All classes embrace My Student First Classroom expectations
  • Frequency of positive-adult-to-student and student-to-student interactions
  • Improved performance on assessments
  • Improved completion rates of assessments
  • Improved attendance rates
  • Demonstration of pro-social behaviors such as cooperation and self-control
  • Rates of participation or other forms of engagement

The instructional time was restructured so students would be able to access targeted support for their individual needs. The model supports many aspects of the MSFC roles in all three focus areas.
Associated files: Teacher User Guide for I-TIMEFoundations of I-TIME,  I-TIME for TeachersPromising Practices Data Collect – I-TIMEI-TIME Overview, Student Flyer for I-TIMEI-TIME Daily Time ScenariosI-TIME Student Brief IntroBRIEF – My Student First ClassroomI-TIME Teacher Brief Intro and I-TIME – FULL Teacher Presentation