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The My Student First Classroom model consists of action items for students, teachers, schools and school divisions. Together we share the responsibility, to ensure that all students: are prepared to learn, belong and are valued and are successful as they prepare for their future.


In 2014, the Provincial Leadership Team, comprised of provincial Directors of Education,  First Nations and Métis Education Authority Leaders, and Deputy and Assistant Deputy Ministers from the Ministry of Education selected improving provincial grad rates as one of the outcomes in the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) .

The ESSP establishes a common set of outcomes for improvement in education in Saskatchewan that are aligned with the provincial government’s Saskatchewan Plan for Growth.  In order to meet the terms of this plan, the PLT has set a 2020 goal of an 85% on-time graduation rate in Saskatchewan as part of the graduation rates outcome.

After the initial year of focus on improving graduation rates in the province, overall rates remained flat.  At its current trajectory, the province will not achieve its goal of 85% by the year 2020.

The 2016-2017 Graduation Rates Priority was established by the PLT in order to sharpen focus on the challenge of on-time graduation rates in Saskatchewan.  The Graduation Rates Leadership Team was formed to examine the problem, start conversations, share information amongst school divisions and identify possible solutions to help increase the provincial graduation rate.  As part of the work on this priority, the Graduation Rates Leadership Team was tasked with examining the current research and local promising practices.  Based on the research and promising practices shared at the 2016 symposium, the team has developed the “My Student First Classroom” model. This will be implemented in Fall 2017, with an initial focus on grade 10 throughout the province.